I thought our final pitch today went extremely well despite how nervous we were. I think we appeared confident and responded to the end questions well. When i sat down though i realised that when Annalise asked us about what our product would do when CO2 ran out in the world and if it would still work – that i should had said that we would only run out of CO2 if they world was demolished of human beings as we breath out CO2, it is such a logical response but somehow i didn’t think of it at the time. Overall though i think we did well especially by not entirely relying of the script we all had in front of us.

I especially think that the first (with Sam Biro, Anna etc) and second group (with Ally, Damien and Daniel) presentations were quite successful. I enjoy the way in which the first group had video user experience as an interview and ran through the way the product works in an mini scenario form as it was very engaging and enjoyable to watch. The second’s group personas examples was also extremely enjoyable, it was realistic as well as helped injected a sense of humour in the presentation. I also really admired how the last group pulled through with their presentations despite the absence of two team members, I thought that their metaphor of liking the swiss knife to their product’s nature was effective as it was relating something that we already know to something that we are proposing!