The firm in my quadrant and the services that we would be providing:

Firm name

  • MRK


  • We create a product, which uses a new renewable sustainable technology that turns negative impacts into a positive outcome by changing carbon dioxide into electricity. It is an electronic machine, which can be installed into the household, office, buildings etc. in connection to the main electricity box. The machine converts CO2 extracted inside the household into electricity and is spread across the household to be used.

 End user

  • The people who benefits from this are the general demographic which are the middle to lower class (as there is a high split in the socioeconomic status which means there are less rich people than poorer) that own a home with electricity but are struggling to make ends meet, as by using our product – their electricity bill will be lowered, it is a more cost effective alternatives for them.

  • In a long term effect, the end user could also be the population in a scenario where there is a large sum of consumer of our product – as the world’s environment will be improved by us, recycling the negative impacts into something that is useful and would not further damage nature.


  • Middle Class – lower class home owners
  • Green conscious organisations/businesses which have a large space and are looking to decrease electricity bill e.g the mall (Westfield) , the government

What can you do?

  • Create a product which betters life standards and is an eco-friendly alternative

What do you want to do?

  • We can create a better world by decreasing electricity bill, hence improving life standards for the general demographic and decrease natural degrading impacts in a world where it is scarce

Do others want you to do?

  • The general demographic of the population would want new technologies that can make bills cheaper for them and improve their life standards but without the cost of natural resources as it is very scarce in the world.

Might you do?

  • Offer a consultative and installation service along with the product giving the client an idea of where the product can be installed and by how much it would help decrease the amount paid for their monthly bills.

Who are your competitors?

  • Other companies/firm with the same goal in help improving the world and life standards for the people through using eco-sustainable technologies

How can you beat them?

  • Our strategy would be in introducing the product to different groups of people who could potentially benefit from our product and showcase their positive experiences out to the rest of the market. Also, perhaps by securing the product first with a big client for example, Westfield shopping mall as this would be in itself a form of advertisement to the people who enter the space of Westfield.

What skills do you need?

  • Business: to manage cost, creating things that is at a low cost as this is important, especially for the lower-middle class market as they would need to be able to afford the product
  • Developers of the technology and prototype
  • Persuasive communication skills in getting support for people to switch from man-made electricity vs. natural made electricity

Who is in your firm? Roles?

  • The company would need a large team in a fairly large business in order to push out the technology necessary for the product
  • There would have to be a business team that works with the engineers/technology developers in deriving at the most cost effective material to create the product with
  • A team of designers who design the aesthetic outlook of the product after the technology internally is created
  • The company will also need a team of persuasive speakers to persuade potential clients to buy the product


  • Our ethos is to make the world a better place in small steps and to achieve a better level equally of life standards through using product with innovative sustainable technology
What does your logo look like and what does it stand for?
  • Our logo is of a fingerprint with the letters MRK on it (acronym for ‘mark’)
  • It represents the change and the mark we imprint on the world

This image shows animals dying as there are a lack of water – there is a high depletion of environment resources which results in detrimental ramification of animal wild life

Due to a higher spilt in the socioeconomic status, there would be more people in the middle class – lower class demographic which can result in violent riots due to anger, prejudice of divisions and hunger

As the world is running out of natural resources, the science world would work harder at developing new technologies that can help improve the world by preserving whatever is left of the scarce natural resources.

There would be an outbreak of diseases or an epidemic in the population due to the limited resources of food, water and the dirty environment.

There would be a significant rise in commodities which involves natural resources such as food, petrol, gas, taxes and due to this high price shift, there would also be an increase in the level of poverty and a greater distinction in the socioeconomic status division.

The world would probably look a whole lot like this scene from the movie, Blade Runner by Scott Ridley as there will be a lack of trees, sunlight and natural resources such as animals. Everything in the world would be synthetic and technologically surrounded. There could also be acid rain as seen in the movie due to the previous damaging actions in which the world had participated in.