Leah Buechley: Design Futures: – New Craft – A Marriage of High and Low Tech 
Leah Buechley is an Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab where she directs the High-Low Tech research group.
  1. Technology on paper -looking at what are the affordances of paper and  how might those translate into technology development
  2. Making resources that were previously available only for large companies accessible to individual, empowering people to design, engineer and build devices that integrate high and low technology –> role reversing the user is becoming the designer – make a living that way?
  3. Fabrics that conducts electricity – the electronic tank top, D.I.Y
  4. Put things in a different context and a different user/crowd comes up
  5. prototype: user experience across a ray of different age groups and context – material being crucial in design in helping lead the design process and innovation
Zach Kaplan and Keith Schacht – demo toys from the future 
Keith Schacht founded Inventables in 2002 with co-founder Zach Kaplan. The firm seeks out new materials, and new uses for new materials, bringing fresh ideas for business products and the world’s most amazing toys. Schacht has recently left Inventables to start a few new ventures, including the JobCoin listings service and Facebook’s Grow-a-Gift.
  1. when we see something that is unexpected, it changes our understandings of the way things work – how could this be applied in the world?
  2. the way you present your idea makes a huge difference – sell it as if it is for sale right now -the presentation that lets you fill in all the details about the experience is successful – mock up advertisement etc.
  3. make sure that when you create a future product that it works from the technical stand point
  4. diverse applications outlet derives from understanding material properties
  5. finding new uses for pre-exisiting material to cater to everyday uses