Imaging a scenario based on a film

While imaging the future world in 2030 that has a high depletion of environment resources and a high split in socioeconomic, the world depicted in the Blade Runner film (1982) by Ridley Scott comes to mind. I hope to use images from the movie to help support and create a better depiction of my world. The film is set in Los Angeles, November 2019.

There are many aspects in the film that I imagine my world to have since there would be a scarce amount of natural resources left resulting in subsequent increase in prices, detrimental ramification of animal wild life and high increase in prejudice and violence within the society due to a greater divide between economic status.

In the film, it is clear that nature is a high commodity and is very rare – this is shown through depictions of synthetic/man-made creations which imitates nature, huge amount of technologies and cold skycrappers. For example, the artificial animals shown in the film such as the snake all have serial numbers marking it as a mass produced product while an idea of owning a real animal is far-fetch for the vast majority of the Blade Runner world . There is also a huge split in socioeconomic status and this was represented through different levels of buildings in the film. ‘The creator’ of the human replicants (obviously, having a vast amount of power and money) was depicted in the tallest skyscraper in the city and within that building is the only scene that sunlight is ever shown, suggesting that in a world where natural resources are rare and valuable, only the rich can afford them. In contrast, when we look at the scenes showing the middle class to lower demographic, sunlight is not present and the world is dark, dirty and cloudy. People are shown walking around with face masks and coughing suggesting a spread of disease or an epidemic.

In the city, there is advertisement for people to buy their way out and experience a better world ‘off-shore’ – this suggests that this world is no longer a desirable place to be but also shows that in order to have a better life, you must be able to afford it. The environment in the Blade runner world is also similar to what i imagine the environment in my world would be. For example, acid rain reflecting the detrimental damage which humans had caused to nature. The world is also obviously technologically advanced since scientists can create synthetic animals and replicants of human that appear and function so real (with empathy and emotions) that a test needs to be introduced to separate the man-made and the natural. Although in the Blade Runner’s world – scientists seems to only create for money, I imagined that in my world with all the technologies available, we would be able to conserve what little is left of the nature and use new technologies to create sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to help increase natural resources.

Blade Runner was a great research point in creating future scenarios as it is in so many ways similar to what I had pictured in my head to be the world with both drivers of changes on the high. It also help brought to the table a more realistic picture as whole of what the world would be in a way that my collections of images representing the quadrant could not had done.

These are some of the images that i found particularly important and interesting:

Screenshot from the Blade Runner film showing Acid Rain and the gloomy city scene

the city from upper view showing enormous amount of technologies but an absence of nature

A digital art image created by Jacob Charles Dietz in homage to Blade Runner

A scene where Zhora (a human replicant) tells Deckard that if her snake was real, she wouldn’t be working in this place (club) showing that nature is of great value and something that only the rich can afford.

Art by Jacob Charles Dietz:

Screenshots of Blade Runner: