Reflection on initial expectations of this project (aswell as the subject!)

Being a design student, I always thought it would be helpful to have some background or knowledge to business hence why I am partaking in this subject. Today’s first class of business innovations was quite overwhelming to me once i came to a realisation that the course is being completed in such a short amount of time and once the class went through the three assessments tasks that we are going to be completing. However, it is also quite exciting – mainly when they named the Dragon Den as I personally find the show quite interesting and watch it whenever I happen to stumble on it on Foxtel.

My expectations of this subject is quite high, I am hoping I will gain a lot of useful knowledge that I can use later to when I perhaps start my own business (e.g targeting market group, presenting etc.). The assessment tasks, I found are quite reasonable and would be extremely useful in helping students learn how to pitch to a CEO (which obviously is a very important skill for a design student to have!) Because I am not very good at public speaking or presentations, I think this will help me immensely in developing the right skills for the future. I am however, expecting the project to be challenging for me as sometimes I find some concepts to be difficult to get my head around, especially business….

When we were asked to get into a group today, I teamed up with Rebecca Cherote (Fashion Design, like myself), Karl Candido (Industrial) and Kati- Rose Savi (Vis. Comm) and we now make up a ‘design firm’. In the second half of the day, we are getting along really quite well – so I think that group work will be really fun as I now know how imaginative all of us can be and for us all to  imagine what products there could be in 2030!!

Guy Kawasaki presents ‘The Art of the Start’ 
I watched the first 20 minutes or so of this video and found that the first three points were very interesting and quite relevant to what we are trying to do at the moment in business innovations:
Make meaning 
  • companies change the world with the first aim as make meaning not make money
  • if you start your companies to make money – wrong employees attracted
  • people who are interested to make meaning are more creative, more productive, peace of mind –> great innovation and entrepreneurship platform
  • e.g Nike – running shoes campaign for women = power and liberation –> making meaning!
  • Do not jump curves
Make Mantra 
  • Why your product, your company or your service should exist
  • make it short and memorial
  • define your meaning
Get started 
  • think different
  • create a product that polorize people – some people will hate it, some people will love it
  • find your few soul mates: people that balance each other off, people from different backgrounds